You Will Laugh At How Hard You THINK It Is To Play Songs - If You Follow This Simple Plan
From the studio of: Allen Hopgood
Re: The Big Problem With Your Guitar Playing Right Now
Dear Adult Beginner,
The following is for you - the adult beginner guitar player who wants to play great songs on your guitar, but struggles to play anything that sounds like music.

Here's the huge problem you face right now. 

You try to play your way through one piece of TAB. You jump on another 'easy' guitar video. And still, you're hunched over your guitar, nowhere closer to playing your favourite song.

But that's not the end of the problem...
What makes this even worse, is that you have put in hours of practice, and it still doesn't sound like music!
That means you spend the precious time you do have practicing, seeing SMALL improvements only (or none at all)
And, worst of all, many Beginners can't get past the idea of playing great songs on their guitar, takes years of 'practice, practice, practice' and is really hard with little to show for it (or you have to be born with a pick in your hand or sell your soul at the crossroads to get good at it).
All this makes trying to figure out how to play guitar, change chords, strum in time and play songs, an ordeal that makes you want to quit!
Luckily for you, there's now a solution!

So if you're an adult beginner who wants to play songs for fun - after work, around the campfire, at parties or to carve out a bit of 'me time' for yourself, but you can't seem to strum and change chords in time to play those songs, then here's the answer you've been looking for.

Introducing 'Beginner Guitar Song Secrets' - The Underground Songbook
  • For quickly playing songs on your guitar without stress, overwhelm or uncertainty. (Your friends and family WANT you to play songs for them - here's how!)
  • NO reading music... NO boring exercises... NO music theory to learn... ONLY more fun than you ever thought possible playing songs!
  • Avoid the #1 mistake most beginner guitar players make that causes you to wait months (or years) before you can play a single song
  • A step-by-step breakdown of how to actually play the song in a way that you can easily understand it and do it - starting today!
  • The absolute easiest, most-reliable, guitar practicing system you need to confidently change chords, strum and play songs. You won't believe how simple this is and how fast you'll see results! (No more countless hours of not playing music)
  • How to get your hands in sync so your strumming hand never again feels like a drunk on payday!
  • And much, MUCH more!
Who Is Allen Hopgood And Why Should I Listen To Him?
It's taken Allen Hopgood, over 35 years to be here with you today. It had to take that long for him to make enough mistakes... to find enough solutions... And to get enough results when it comes to playing songs on your guitar
His Background:
  • He started playing guitar at 13
  • He started playing in bands at 15
  • Played many local gigs on the Gold Coast. Done some touring
  • Shared the stage with some of Australia's biggest musical acts, including The Radiators and Jimmy Barnes
  • In Brisbane in 1995, he had the great fortune to support international rock heavyweights, Kiss at their 'Kiss Konvention' Tour
He Started Out Teaching In The Usual Way...
  • Showing traditional, text-book open chords to students only to see the looks of disappointment on their faces as they saw how 'hard it is' to change between two chords
  • With the boredom of rote-learning exercises and their realisation of "This is taking WAY longer than I thought it would," many of them unfortunately gave up on their dream of playing guitar for fun
  • He felt for them... And couldn't blame them for quitting!
But Through Desperation Came Answers...
And through a combination of talking with a coach and observing the chord shapes used by professional, singer-songwriters like Mellencamp, Springsteen and Neil Young, he saw the solution for aspiring, beginning adult guitar players...


6 chord shapes that use only 1 or 2 fingers and no big movements to change between... makes it easy to focus on strumming patterns (where the music comes from)... helps you play along with songs quickly and...

Not Only Easy-To-Change But Sound Great!
  • And within the first week of introducing these simple, set of chords to students, they were practicing more (and seeing fast results playing actual songs)
  • In a matter of days!
  • It was so exciting to see these great people finally, 'get it!'
  • Offering you complete transparency, as someone who helps their students LIVE weekly, answering every question that comes his way
  • Giving you a string of tools that you can use to get to where you want to go - which means you can start playing songs as soon as today
  • And everything also comes with a money-back guarantee
  • So rest assured that no matter what others promise you, when it comes to creating the results you really want, Allen's help will get you there faster
  • And if it doesn't, then it won't coast you a cent!
  • Best of all, everything is made simple to understand
So as you can see Allen Hopgood is uniquely qualified to help you understand everything you need to know about playing songs on your guitar, especially if you're someone who's been at it for a while but can't seem to figure out how to get those changes and patterns into songs!
But Don't Just Take My Word For It. Take A Look At This...
Phil Greene
"Working through these videos is easy as they are straight forward, step by step can really feel improvement. Thoroughly recommend it."
- Phil Greene
Phil Greene
"This is so easy. Very achievable... Even my husband could do this (and he doesn't play guitar!) Oh and the support is so much more than anywhere else."
- Lisa Seredycz
Phil Greene
"A really easy way to learn new songs!"
- Geoff Morgan
Phil Greene
"I would advise anyone interested in playing guitar to take the step and talk to Allen and he will take you down the path for you to achieve whatever you want to in your guitar playing."
- Bobby O'Leary
BUT... Here's Some Reasons To Believe This Program Works From Week 1...
What Some Students Have Said After Their First Training Session:
Hi Allen, thanks very much - I was very impressed and very happy with the lesson and your teaching style - excellent! Just what I have been looking for - thanks. I look forward to the next session. Cheers, Bill Leggate
Hi Allen, just a quick note to say I quite enjoyed our first lesson. Could you send me the name of the drum beat app please. Cheers, Scott Goninan
By the way, I am brand new to guitar learning, don't even know anything about the chords etc, but watching you last night kind of made it easier for me to learn. I'm looking forward to watching the recording so I can follow it carefully and learn the chords that you did as I didn't really have a clue although I like the way you taught it. Fololi Lologa-Iosua
So Here's Exactly What You're Going To Get With "Beginner Guitar Song Secrets"
The Underground Songbook For Quickly Playing Songs On Your Guitar With Easy-Change Chords:
  • 12 X weekly LIVE ONLINE training sessions with an easy-to-understand breakdown of every chord, strum pattern and song section.. Every session is full of complete instruction and tips of how to play and practice the songs
  • You will learn and work on one new song a week. Doing what you can at your own pace. With no stress, frustration or overwhelm. (You just do what you can for that week and then move onto the next song in the next session)
  • It works exactly the same way as when you first started to read. By reading book after book, not understanding everything, but continually moving onto the next one, until it all started to click
  • Each LIVE Online training session is on Mondays at 6PM AEST Brisbane, you simply click on the Zoom link that is sent to you
  • Every training session is recorded and added to your private members area for 24/7 and lifetime access to review material as much you like or whenever it suits your schedule.
Total value $960
Act Now And You Also Get This Bonus To Accelerate Your Guitar Playing Success
  • BONUS 52-Weeks of LIVE Online Coaching And Q&A Calls at no extra cost to you ($1920 Value)
  • We will meet once a week (through Zoom) on Tuesdays at 6PM AEST Brisbane
  • This allows you to ask your questions and get immediate answers
  • Ask any question you have about the material or a technique challenge and receive LIVE expert advice and feedback
  • Everything you need to get on track and stay there - week after week for 12 months!
Of course you're protected with our....
Special Pricing When You Register Now
So the total value of everything you receive is way more than $1500. Especially when you take into consideration the incredible 12 months of coaching and support. But the good news is you are NOT going to pay that price.
Because I know what it's like to struggle to learn how to play songs on your guitar, that make people want to hear one more song from you, and because I want to do everything I can to help you to succeed with your guitar playing TODAY I want to give you everything I've listed above for the low 3 x monthly payment of $197 AUD! (Or you can choose to pay the 3 months in full)
Best Of All... You'll Start Seeing Results In 30-60 Minutes
So here's why you can't wait and you need to act on this right now
If you're an adult beginner guitar player who wants to play great songs - but you struggle to change chords and strum in time to play songs songs - understand this:
  • When your changes and strums are good, songs are easy to play... it all starts with having an easier way first!i
  • You don't need to waste time on scale patterns and exercises IF you have access to a proven system and tools to make playing songs easy for you.
  • If you don't start playing songs now, you'll just continue to struggle and waste time 'practicing' and hoping that some day you'll get it!
Get Registered For Monday Right Now
So go ahead, click the blue access button below right now and you're on your way to the guitar playing success you want (and need)!
Do it now before the exclusive 12-month bonus gets pulled forever or the price goes up.
Don't miss the breakthrough Beginner Guitar Song Secrets - Underground Songbook that makes playing great songs on your guitar easier than you can imagine.
Enrol Now
Your first session of this NEW and exciting and informative guitar playing Beginner Guitar Song Secrets with Allen Hopgood is online, this coming Monday evening 6pm AEST Brisbane!
"Beginner Guitar Song Secrets"
The Underground Songbook For Quickly Playing Songs On Your Guitar With Easy-Change Chords:
  • Step-by-step instructions to start playing songs virtually straight away
  • 1 great new song every week (12 songs over 12-weeks in total)
  • Complete breakdown of every song section
  • See continuous progress with the CPR™ Guitar Practice System
  • Every training session is recorded so you can review as much as you like (at your own pace)
  • Easy-change chords for smooth, effortless changes (no text-book, open chord shapes used)
  • Private members area with access to the Inner Secrets Group for full support and interraction with other students
  • And MORE!
Plus, this BONUS...
  • 52-Weeks of LIVE Coaching and Q&A Calls (Tuesday 6PM AEST Brisbane)
  • For you to get any question answered
  • Feedback on your song playing
  • Expert help for any technique challenge you may have
  • And all the attention, support and training you deserve ($1920 Value)
Your Price Today: $197 
(3x monthly payments)
Only $597.00!
See you on the inside!
Allen Hopgood
P.S. You maybe thinking, "But $200 a month? That's a lot!" And I hear you. But you will not get as much information as you do in one session, plus access to the recordings, in a once-a-week-30min-guitar-lesson.
Let alone get your questions answered after you get told to "go home and practice it!" You do have my 100% money-back guarantee if you don't see results in your first 30-days.
This 12-week beginners program is for now, only $597... so act fast!...

P.P.S. Let's be blunt. If you pass on this program, in a week from today will you have played a song, or even a part of song? Probably not!

You still wish and want to, but you won't be playing a song and having fun with your guitar. Face it.

Most of what you need is instruction and encouragement - along with coaching and feedback. Get in this program now and be playing along with a song as fast as one week from today! Wouldn't you rather be having a ton of fun playing a song than another boring exercise within a week?

Act now! Buy now! Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Click the button below.

Frequently Asked Questions
Do I have to use the Easy-Change chords?
To get started super fast, it is recommended you use the 6 chord shapes you will be shown.. 

However, if you already know open chords or barre chords, yet still stumble your way through songs, you can use the chords you already know.
How many songs do I get access to?
Your Beginner Guitar Song Secrets Underground Songbook will cover 12 songs. One new song a week. So depending on when you enrol, you will simply cycle through the 12 songs no mattter if you start on week 1 or 10.
Plus you have access to all the 12 songs in your members area. 
What do I need to play these songs?
Computer with internet access. Your guitar. A minimum of 1-hour a week for the training session. Then a minimum of 5-10 minutes a day to work through the material.. A capo is strongly recommended (but optional) so you can easily access and play along with all the songs in the songbook.
Can I get a refund if I am not happy with the program?
Of course. Simply let's us you are unhappy within the first 30-days for a no questions asked, 100% money-back guarantee.

Doing so will result in no further access to the materials.
I don't know how to read music?
That's okay. Reading music is not required to play along with these songs. Even TAB is noy used. 
This is delivered in an easy-to-understand, stress-free experience so you can quickly start playing songs.

In the bite-sized training videos you will see just how easy the are to understand.
How long are the song training sessions?
Every song is different. Some songs contain the same 4 chords throughout. Other songs have a few more moving parts to them.
Every weekly LIVE Online Song Training Session will usually last approx. (60) sixty-minutes. Some sessions will be longer or maybe shorter.

When the songs are placed for study in your members area, you will find they are broken up into smaller, bite-sized video sessions so you can choose what song section you want to work on at your own pace.
When are the coaching calls held?
The Weekly Coaching And Q&A Calls are held online using the Zoom platform every Tuesday at 6:00PM AEST Brisbane

The average duration is 90min (sometimes longer, sometimes shorter).

If you can't make the calls, that's okay. Simply submit your question(s) early and watch the replay when the weekly link is added to the Inner Secrets group
Ready? Let's Get You Started!
Your first session starts this coming Monday at 6PM AEST Brisbane
Simply click the blue button below to enrol now in the "Beginner Guitar Song Secrets - Underground Songbook"
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